Stabiliser bars / Safety Bars

Stabiliser bars / Safety Bars

Front Strut bar is to connect the 2 strut towers together to reduce chassis flex during turns. It makes the car chassis more rigid hence improving the car handling. The front strut bar is also designed to absorb a certain degree of impact preventing serious damage to the car chassis. 

Fender bar is installed inside the fender cover located above the wheel arch area.  Fender bars are designed to carry vertical loads from the front suspension by giving extra support and strength to the chassis, reinforcing these essential areas to help maintain the suspension position in all vertical loads. 

Anti Roll Bar is usually a torsion spring which resist body roll motion. It ties the lower suspension component together across the front and rear. It reduces a car body roll movement.

Quality Assured strut bar

Ultra Racing is the only vehicle chassis strengthening bars manufacturer in Malaysia which has acquired the ISO 9001:2008 reward. With such achievement, Ultra Racing is able to deliver further assurance to all customers worldwide.

Award winning chassis strengthening components manufacturer

Ultra Racing has been awarded as Super Excellent Brand, Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand Top Golden Brand Products, SME 100 Fast Moving Company, ISO 9001 : 2008, HWT 21st Century The Prestigious Brand.

These achievements represent an assurance like no other to Ultra Racing’s loyal customers which our competitor brands will never able to accomplish.

Internationally recognized

Ultra Racing has been recognized worldwide and today, Ultra Racing has been exporting fine tuned chassis strengthening components to more than 10 countries worldwide which are Japan, Europe, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, United Kingdom, Korea, China, New Zealand and USA.

Ultra Racing has more than 4000 products nowadays

Ultra Racing chassis strengthening components has the most compatible vehicle list. With more than 5000 products available in our catalogue, Ultra Racing is able to cope with the demand of market needs. In addition, custom made on all strut bars are available upon request.

Track proven in-house development and involvement in motorsport

Ultra Racing Motorsport Division carries the task of bringing Ultra Racing’s products into track and motorsport event in order to further enhance all products and accumulate feedback from event like track racing, autocross and drifting competition.
Being the proud chassis tuning partner of Federation D & Tengku Djan, Team GoodYear Racing, and Team Toyo, Ultra Racing’s able to show its existence in worldwide motorsport event.

Go Safety

With absolutely no modification needed, Ultra Racing “plug-and-play” products’ able to provide user with significant differences in handling which indirectly increases the safety of the vehicle with its improved characteristic.


All UR bars purchase from E-Rev Motor Sports are warranty till the car is being scrapped or exported. Customers may choose to purchase export set / factory warranty set (terms and conditions applied) from us.