Crystal Wipers

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Crystal Wipers

Crystal have a range of comprehensive wipers for Japanese, Korean and continental car makes. Crystal is specialize in developing wipers which endure longer as compare to traditional wipers by using silicone refills as the blade for the wiper. 

Silicone material has higher temperature resistance and are more durable as compare to rubber material. Crystal wipers are able to change the refills (silicone type) without having to replace the whole wiper. 

Some advantages of Crystal Silicone Wipers are:

  • Better durability compare to rubber wipers. Superior resistance against fuels, oil, acid rain, washer fluid and road gime.
  • Cleaner swipe improving visibility. 
  • Water beading effect created on swept area enhancing visibility.
  • Do not stick onto windscreen. 
  • Able to replace the blade (refills) without replacing the whole wiper. 

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