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Handling And Safety Enhancement

A vehicle chassis is the main structure of a vehicle where all other components are being assembled onto the frame. Each vehicle attributes are being design to satisfy the requirements of a desire group of end users. 

Majority of the passenger vehicles are being design with the comfort in mind. With this aspect, a set of street use absorber and soft spring rate coil are fitted to build the suspension. While maintaining the comfort, less effort are being put to enhance the handling of a vehicle. As such, the vehicle tends to have greater body roll and more chassis flex during turns. In the event of emergency stop, greater force are generated on the front chassis resulting in poor steering response and braking power which may result in accident if driver fail to react in time.

Comparison between Honda EK3 and Honda EK9 (Specification)

To suit different level of demands in the market, car manufacturers produce car with different specifications. Cars with higher specifcation often comes with enhanced engine power, braking system, suspension system, rim size and even chassis reinforcement. The diagram below shows the engine bay of Honda EK model with different specification. The picture on the left is 1.6L single overhead cam engine while the picture on the right is 1.6L double overhead cams VTEC engine. Higher specification car do have chassis enhancement as well. Can you guess why is there a front strut bar inside the engine bay?

Honda EK 3 without front bar                                                                                              Honda EK9 with front bar

Comparison between Honda Civic FD and Honda Civic FD2R

For Honda civic we have different specification to show. On the left picture is Honda Civic FD ( standard specification) while on the right side is Honda civic FD2R (Type R specs). Civic FD2R is using a thicker diameter rear anti-roll bar as compare to a standard civic FD to enhance handling. With this specification difference, there is also price difference between the both.


FD Rear Anti-Roll Bar Diameter 11mm                                                                              FD2R Rear Anti-Roll Bar Diameter 21mm           

Comparison between Perodua Myvi and Daihatsu Sirion

Perodua Myvi and Daihatsu Sirion share the same chassis. However Myvi (Malaysia) specification do not have rear anti-roll bar while Sirion (Japan) specification has. The picture on the left is Peordua Myvi and on the right is Daihatsu Sirion.                                          

Without Rear Anti-Roll Bar                                                                                                      With Rear Anti-Roll Bar

All the information shows that the car overall handling can be further improve through chassis reinforcement. Do drop by our workshop or contact us on how your car handling can be improve through Ultra Racing Safety Bars. 

How Strut Bars Absorb Impact

Strut bars are designed to absorb impact and reduces damage done to a car chassis. This will result in lighter repair cost and may even save Lifes.