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Make an analogy of our car to human body. The internal combustion engine is the heart while and air intake manifolds are the lungs. The car breathes to draw in air (oxygen) for the combustion process and used of an internal combustion engine that propels the car into motion.

Due to incomplete combustion process, accumulated carbon deposits can cause common automotive problems such as rough cold start, less power during acceleration, slurping or gulping noises and intense vibrations during idling. These symptoms are the problem of the car respiratory system. When you notice these symptoms of auto-illness, it’s time to cleanse the lungs of your car and get treated by NEUTO™ Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy™.

NEUTO™ is the world first patented Smart Hydrogen Dry Cleaning System that can effectively DIAGNOSE, PRESCRIBE, MONITOR and CLEAN the car engine with pure and dry Hydrogen Gas stored in the Solid State Metal Hydride Canister. It is exclusively invented for vehicles running on Internal Combustion Engines.

NEUTO™ DRY HYDROGEN AUTO-THERAPY ™ is the cleaning service and treatment provided by NEUTO™ system. Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy™ removes stubborn micro molecular carbon layers at hard to reach places like air manifolds, piston rings, valves, and spark plugs without causing any damage to the car engine wall and components in the engine. NEUTO ™ Dry Hydrogen Auto Therapy™ can naturally cleanse the car engine in the most sustainable organic way.