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Solar Heat Rejection Films

Solar film are a thin film which are install on the interior of a glass. The application are mainly use on automotive glass such as windscreen, door windows, sidling door windows rear view screen etc. Solar films are also use in houses windows and in other industry as well.

The objective of installing these solar films are to reduce the amount of infrared (IR), visible light (VLT) and Ultraviolet (UV) radiation entering windows. These films are usually dyed or metalized to convert incoming solar radiation to infarared radiation and reject it through glass to the exterior. The films are also act as a security to hold broken glass together preventing dangerous shards from flying around in the event of accident. There are various shade of solar film to reduce light visibility as well as different content to reduce infrared radiation and UV.

We also provide headlight protection films to prevent shatter of headlight in the event of stone hit and also prevent light scratches to inflict onto headlight. Oxidation of headlight can be further delay by this application as well.

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