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Car Insurance Renewal Quotes

We will request insurance quotes from various Insurance company and offer competitive quotes for our customer.

Do let us know if you need a second opinion on your insurance (new/renewal) quotes. We will try to match/assist/offer better quotes from other insurance companies also.

We would need the below information for an accurate quote.

  • Full name
  • NRIC
  • Birthdate (D.O.B)
  • License pass date
  • Occupation
  • Car plate number
  • Current insurer
  • NCD upon renewal
  • Finance company
  • Any claims for the past 3 years, if yes, please provide details as below:
  1. When did the accident take place?
  2. How much is your own damage claim amount?
  3. How much is the third party claim amount?

If you are looking for a new insurance quote, we will need the vehicle log card.