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Enhanced Performance Parts

Performance parts are not only for drivers who are keen in racing anymore. Turbo chargers, engine piston over size, cam shafts adjustment, gear box final drive setup etc are enhancement we used to do when it comes to performance. 

With technology advance, more electronics gadgets are introduced to the market for consumers who prefer light enhancement to improve on pickups and fuel savings. The time taken for such performance enhancement is much afforable and time taken to install is shorter.

Some of the common performance parts are Strut Bars, Anti-Roll Bars, Brake Kits, Lowering Coils, Coilover, High Air Flow Filters, Exhaust System, e-throttle controller, OBD Tuning Chip, EPS Power Charger, Direct Power Harness Kit, Voltage Stabilzer, Spark Plug Optimatizer and many more. 

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